Had a great experience introducing me to speaking Spanish. The classes were so much fun even though the verbs are very daunting. Josefa was a great teacher and I look forward to taking up the next step online with her from my new home in Spain

Elaine, Milton Keynes - July 2018

The Specialist for Spanish Language Education | Spanish for property buyers

Our introductory Spanish for property buyers  provides the students not only with the basic language skills to deal with typical situations involved in the process of moving abroad. It also teaches the learner about shared customs, popular culture and values among the Hispanic countries.

This programme helps to increase the participants’ understanding of the Hispanic living culture, inviting them to learn and explore strategies of succesful intercultural interaction.

Thanks to a combination of qualified teaching, group activities and trivia our courses offer an effective and enjoyable opportunity to prepare our customers for the big move.

Available for private courses.





Image: Ecuador by amalavida (CC BY)