Wonderful company to work with. Very professional and able to work well with our client to educate and interest them in the art of speaking Spanish. Would highly recommend the team and their skills.

Perception PR, June 2016

The Specialists for Spanish Tuition | Our Vision

Our commitment is to deliver structured, excellent and relevant language training for educational settings that include lifelong learning, professional development, as well as school supporting tuition.
We strive to provide our students with an exceptional, impact-led and flexible language instruction to reach their professional or individual goals.
We achieve our goals by designing high quality courses that are delivered through motivating teaching, keeping committed to our unique trainee & trainer care approach. This approach encompasses consistent learning programmes that put pedagogy at the core of our didactic methods. This philosophy helps us:

• to create accessible and personalised lessons to meet our trainees’ learning needs, whether the instruction takes place in groups or individually
• to constantly improve the provision that drives our tutors’ outstanding teaching practice.